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Blackjack - Movie Trailer

Blackjack - Synopsis

In a new era of London, perfection painted the surface of the city.  Yet, it holds a sinister secret as an underground Blackjack ring lives through the lives of wealthy and homeless alike.  Where people slowly grow insensitive to compassion and kindness, the only source of pleasure comes from others’ pain.  

But can this change?  With one unforgettable event, lives are changed permanently. Wrong choices were made, the reactions devastating, and feelings were changed.  The Blackjack pushed them apart, but the Diamond brought them together.  Twisted, perplexing, and dark, Blackjack deals all the cards to the table.

Let the games begin.


 Jamie was driving down towards the meeting place where she told Alessandria she would bring Nikolai to work things out.  However, Nikolai, who was sitting in the passengers seat, had no clue what was happening and thought they were innocently going out for food because Jamie’s sister, Riley, Was brought along too.  She was sitting in the back seat alone, playing with her teddy bear.


“This is refreshing.”

“Yes it is… I’ve missed this.  No gambling… just getting everything back together.”


Nikolai was silent. ‘… Gambling… shit…’


     As they drove, Jamie began to slow down, and Nikolai noticed it was a little too much then she really needed to.  He looked around a bit to see if there might have been a traffic light or police nearby to be the cause for the drastic slow down, but all he saw where two figures in the distance; a mother and her child.  He didn’t pay any attention to them until they were close enough for him to realize that the “mother” he saw was actually Alessandria with a kid he did not recognize, and his body grew heavy.  He could not face her after everything that has happened.


“No… don’t tell me we’re stopping there!”


“Jamie… Don’t you DARE FUCKING STOP!”


Jamie frowned. ‘This is gonna get hectic…’


Riley looked up from her bear in confusion. “Jamie… What’s going on?” Jamie turned around, trying to reassure her.  “Don’t worry about it Riley.”


“Don’t stop here!” Nikolai cursed under his breath, with just made Riley even more afraid. “Jamie…?! JAMIE!!”





Nikolai grabbed the wheel and put his foot to the gas peddle to ensure they didn’t stop, while Jamie tried her best to take back control from Nikolai.  All the while helpless little Riley could do nothing but cry.  The car jerked from side to side with no sign of stopping, heading straight for Alessandria and Jamie.  Alessandria, noticing the car swerving towards her and Michael, jumped out of the way but could not grab Michael in time.


As if time had stopped, everything in life had appeared to stop moving.  Nikolai and Jamie stared in disbelief at what they were seeing.  Alessandria was standing away, refusing to look at the scene before her, trying to process the situation at hand.  Riley just sat silently, terrified of what could have caused that dreadful noise she had heard.


   Nikolai and Jamie got out of the car slowly and told Riley to stay put and walked towards the ugly scene.  Rebellious, Riley stepped out of the car. 


She suddenly wish she hadn’t.


Alessandria got up and stumbled on her way to the place in which everyone was standing over.  All of them had surrounded and examined Michael’s body, lying motionless on the sidewalk in a sea of red.


   In a matter of seconds, Nikolai began sprinting in different directions not looking back once.  Jamie snapped back into reality, grabbed Riley, which caused her to drop her bear on the floor next to Michael’s body, and sprinted to the car.  She put Riley in the back as fast as she could, jumped into the drivers’ seat and drove away as fast as the car could take her.  Riley just sat in the back motionless due to the shock of seeing a dead body right before her eyes.  Alessandria stayed the longest, staring at the body in disbelief before climbing into her own vehicle and driving away silently.  Everyone just kept going, not hearing from one another again…



   Jamie wandered the streets of New London, slowly making her way to the spot where the boy Michael had died.  She tried to look up information on him and even kept her eyes out on the news waiting to see a report about this child’s death, but nothing ever turned up.  It’s been exactly a year since the incident, but she couldn’t help but continuously look over her shoulder.  She would always begin to doubt herself, thinking maybe it was all in her head but the way Riley had been acting after that day, she knew it was real.


   Jamie finally reached the street next to the park in which Michael had died.  She saw immediately that everyone that was tied to that incident with Michael had gathered all together, talking amongst themselves.  Even Nikolai was talking to the two people that despised him the most in a friendly manner.  Riley jumped at Jamie as soon as she realized she was there too. “Jamie!”


“Riley! Why are you here? And Nico, Alessandria! Long time, no see! What brings you guys here too?” Nikolai gave a small smile. “We could ask you the same question. I was in the neighborhood so I decided to walk by.” Riley chimed in, pleased to see everyone getting along.  “Yeah, Nikolai’s right!  I saw him on the way here and decided to tag along”  Jamie just smiled. “Really? That’s surprising seeing you two getting along like this. How ‘bout you Alessandria? You’ve been awfully quiet.” Alessandria snapped out of her reverie, unfocused for a moment before a small curve of her lips was seen. “Sorry, I have a lot on my mind.” Jamie nodded knowingly.  “Yeah, I think I know what it is…” Trying to change the subject, she added
“how are you guys after all this time?”


Everyone began to tell their story of how they tried to change and felt about what had happened that day, and how unbelievable it was to have not a shred of evidence left behind.  Jamie explained how the blood that was supposed to be on her car mysteriously vanished.


Nikolai explained that he had actually quit gambling after that day because he didn’t want another accident that could be result in death because of his anger when he loses and started to earn his living solely on legal means.  He felt that it was his fault for the death of Michael because of his reckless and violent attitude which caused him to grab the wheel and swerve e the car until it hit Michael. So he changed for the better.


Riley felt that she was powerless to even help, even just a little bit, to prevent Michael’s death.  So she had tried to stop crying no matter what happened. Despite this resolve, she fights to stay strong and has to constantly discipline herself to be able to take on more chores and mature and useful.


     Alessandria admitted that she felt most at fault.  If she had only thought of Michael’s safety before herself, she might have actually been able to save him. She also had also them most chance of saving him; so she would always feel the guilt and regret.  She vowed to herself never to think selfishly again until she can guarantee their safety.


     Jamie understood where they were all coming from, but knew everything happened because of her.  She didn’t listen to Riley and went to the Tavern, she was unable to convince Nikolai that they should go home or calm him down.  She was even the one who went behind Nikolai’s back and planned the spot and time all of them would meet.  She tried her best to get stronger, not just physically but emotionally too.  But no matter how hard she tried, she could not shake that feeling of guilt like everyone else.


As they spoke, a small boy ran right by everyone carrying a familiar looking battered teddy bear.  They all stopped and watched in awe at this boy, with his chocolate-brown hair and his blue-violet eyes that could always trap someone in its gaze, running to the park.  After realizing what they were witnessing, they all sprinted after him.  He ran inside the play place where Riley, who was small enough to fit, ran in after him.  Alessandria, Nikolai, and Jamie waited outside, surrounding the play place in order to make sure this boy did not somehow sneak away.  After a few minutes, Riley came out confused.



“What happened?”

“Where is he?”

“I… I don’t know…”

“You don’t know? You didn’t find him?”

“Yeah, I went in and looked into every corner, crack and hole he could hide in, but nothing. Did he run outside?”

“No, no one left the play place after you had gone in”


Everyone looked at each other, puzzled. A gentle breeze blew gently on their bodies and a feeling of security and warmth along with it.  It had overwhelmed them and felt as if all their guilt and worries were now gone.  As if to let them know everything will be okay.


As if, this was all meant to happen for a purpose.

The Saviour

The rain had begun spewing mercilessly only moments ago. He wandered aimlessly through the playground after sitting on the swing, not bothering to care as his clothes were drenched in the evening storm.  Sloshing through increasing volumes of puddles, his bones were chilled as he sat on the bench that resided outside of the playground, resting against the high-gated fence. The streetlamp glared through the torrent of water, trying desperately to cut through the grim.  It was there that he first saw her in person, although she didn’t seem to be doing anything other than standing under the streetlight and gazing absently at the deserted street. Even for this time of night, the evening seemed devoid of human life. 

Nonetheless, Michael wasn’t the least bit concerned when he saw Alessandria standing there.  He had only seen her once in the day, when he walked past the Moonshine café. Carefully moving so to not disrupt her, Michael soon found himself standing beside her and glancing up at her shyly before looking away again.  Her voice sounded surprise when she saw his drenched form suddenly beside her.  “What are you doing here?” she asked quizzically.  Not in a sense that she wanted to protect the young boy from the cold rain, but more in a tone that indicated he wasn’t welcomed.  “Just out for a walk, before this rain came” he replied quietly, not really paying attention. 

The rain still hadn’t ceased, and the prospect of getting home seemed dimmer as minutes passed.  Finally, he looked up at her and found his voice. “What are you doing here, miss?”  Alessandria was silent. “I need to do what I came here to do.”  Michael was perplexed by this answer, having no idea of what had happened beforehand.  Sighing, he wondered what she could have possibly meant as the desire to go home grew stronger.  “Maybe you want help with that thing you want to do?” he offered.  No lady should be out in the cold pouring rain so late at night. If he could help her finish what she came to do, perhaps she would go home.  She snickered a little, looking down at him in disbelief.  “I don’t think you’re old enough to help me with this, child.” Slightly annoyed, he stood in silence as he pondered what age could possibly have to do with anything.  The sound of an approaching car made Michael turn towards the street in confusion.  Perhaps Alessandria was going to have a party in the park?  But it sounded odd, as if the tires were crying in protest against the slick black pavement.

It happened in a blur.  One moment he was talking to Alessandria on the innocent grey sidewalk, and the next there was a startling amount of red in his vision.  His head rang where it impacted the hard concrete, and the rest of his body seemed to ache in ways he never knew were possible. 

Michael’s vision was blurred, but he could still see the panicked faces.  All so different in appearance, and yet the same fear was vivid in each person’s expression. He knew what had happened.  The bright light he had was not heaven, but headlights of a car out of control. Closing his eyes, he sobbed quietly.  He knew.

‘…Forgive them, they didn’t know what they were doing.’ 

And he was still.

The Club

Alessandria found the dingy dark washroom, her eyes rested on the mirror. A snake of a smile crept onto her face. The unnatural high of getting money from the lower class people never seemed to disappoint Alessandria’s unusual needs. It gave her a fresh, overflowing sensation Especially since this victim was Nikolai. Alessandria’s cells had an explosion of euphoria and she could feel every last one of them. She was an openly insidious character; her heart would only grow and bloom when others shattered. Guilt or pity could never dare take refuge in her mind. Although she did take pride in being a bitch and a soul eating shark, there was still a sliver of good in her blackened heart. She did a final hair flip and went on her way.

Alessandria’s candy white land rover was a visible minority in the parking lot. As she was walking towards her SUV, a February chill crept into the 7th month. She thought nothing of it, just Mother Nature being peculiar.  Nonetheless, Alessandria cautiously scoped around the parking lot before she climbed in and drove home.  The whole way back, the chills never left her bones.

With morning came coffee. Alessandria leisurely sat in Moonshine, a dainty little café, while she leveled down from her foreign high. Too distracted, she didn’t notice the loud slam of the delicate glass door, nearly shattering as the sheet of glass shuddered to withstand the impact.  A black shadow vanquished the sun’s radiance, as Nikolai stood above Alessandria seething with fury. Humored, Alessandria merely smirked and flicked her hair back.

“And what do I owe this fine pleasure of seeing you so early in the morning?” Alessandria chuckled, amused.  Nikolai was nowhere near placated.

 With that mistake, Alessandria soon found herself uncomfortably close with his face.  He reeked of whiskey, indicating that he never left the Tavern since last night. “Listen, you spoiled little bitch. Give me back my money.” Alessandria snorted delicately. “Thanks, but no thanks. I have spoiled bitchy things to get back to.”

Nikolai seized Alessandria bare arm, crushing it to the point where little flowers of bruises began to show through her skin. At this point, every single eye in Moonshine was on either Nikolai or Alessandria. Examining the situation, she started to laugh internally, and her inner amusement slowly resonated into her expression. Alessandria gracefully slipped out of Nikolai’s pathetically strong grip.

“Took a spill after last night, didn’t you?” Alessandria reasoned.

Tension lingered dangerously between Nikolai and Alessandria. Suddenly, Jamie was there pushing the two apart, having known where Nikolai would’ve first gone to. 

“What the hell is going on?”

“She has my money!”

“No, I have my money. Remember.”

Irritation always filled Alessandria whenever Jamie annoyingly interrupted her random climaxes. Jamie tried to soothe the hostile situation. “Alessandria, you know Nico isn’t like you. At least let him have a rematch, he really needs that money.” Since Alessandria adored her pride more than her very own mother, naturally she accepted.

“Katol and Sierra. 10. At the park.”

Jamie nodded, pulling Nikolai away and they exited Alessandria’s café as abruptly as they had entered.

Blissfully lying in her bed, Alessandra heard her maid call her from behind the door.

“Darling, wake up, its 4 o’ clock in the afternoon.” Dolores chimed in her sweet southern accent. Dolores was her maid that should’ve been her mother instead. “Listen, I was thinking that I could finally teach you how to cook without burning water.”

Alessandria laughed at the proposal, knowing it was hopeless no matter how many times she tried.  “Ha! Doe I’m sorry but I have to be somewhere tonight.”  Dolores’ eyes narrowed at her tone. “Alessandria” she warned, “look at me, child. I hope you’re not gambling. Pretty girls like you don’t belong in those types of affairs. And don’t you lie to me, child.” Alessandria bit her lip, guilt suddenly becoming a possibility. “I’m over that” she answered with a smile. “I’m not going to gamble, I just need to take of something. I promise.” ‘Well, it’s partially true…’

Dolores shook her head. “Stay with me, I have feeling that you should stay with me tonight.”

Alessandria apologized to Dolores, moving off her bed to get dressed.  She could still feel her penetrating gaze as she left the front door. Alessandria had to keep driving until she finally reached the spot they decided to meet for the rematch before she could sit and shake her head in frustration.  She just lied to the only person she truly cared about.

The Spade

The lights were dim, but bright enough to be able to see everything around you.  There’s always this feeling of tension in the air whenever games are played, that even the fiercest human would cower in terror if they showed the slightest hint of panic while they played.  The reason for this is that the stakes for each game were dangerously high that the wealthiest man may go penniless, or even go into a large amount of debt with just one game.  This place was located underneath the widely known bar called The Tavern.  Despite the fact that the bar is a legal place to sell drinks and a place of gathering, the gambling that happens underground is not.  Nikolai works at the bar during the day and when night hits, you will most likely encounter him at the gambling rink already betting his newly made paycheck.

   Nikolai had a deep love for this place.  It gave him a thrill that nothing else could ever possibly compare to, and tonight he felt it was his lucky night and his thrill for upping the stakes grew twofold.  As Jamie and Nicolai made their way down the steps to the gambling ring, Nikolai smirked. ‘I’m going to fuck so many people over when I take all their money.’

But Jamie had another opinion on this matter.  A feeling of anxiety had already washed over Jamie, but Jamie already knew not to try to change Nikolai’s mind. Because once he was dead set on playing cards, nothing would make him falter.

“Yes! Finally we’re here; I’ve been waiting for this night for far too long!”

“I bet you have, but Nico-”

“Oh god, please don’t let this be one of those ‘Nico, it doesn’t feel right to play today’ or ‘be careful Nico’ kind of speeches!”

“… No. I was going to say be prepared to give me everything you have”

“Ha! Now that’s the attitude I like. No boring, worried personalities are allowed tonight.”

Nikolai and Jamie wondered about making jokes and hyping each other up a bit before they started to play. At first, they would play a few games together, have a friendly competition then they would separate to their own games to make extra cash. Suddenly, Jamie felt the atmosphere grow heavy with a sense of foreboding.  Jamie turned to the steps and knew immediately that the night is definitely going to make a turn for the worst.

Alessandria, a rival to Jamie and enemy of Nico, stood by the bottom of the steps. Nico and Alessandria never get along, maybe because they came from different classes. Nicolai came from the lower part of New London area where it is poorest and neglected. Alessandria comes from upper New London. Only a handful lives in this area because it is wealthiest place in New London and only a few live there. This was one hypothesis that seemed very likely why they hate each other that Jamie thought up.   Jamie turned to find Nicolai to get him not to see Alessandria but it was too late. Nicolai’s sharp eyes focused on Alessandria, his poisonous green eyes turned, fiery red, either from the fury fuelled by his hatred for her, or of his inner battle persona ready to duel and crush her in any game they played with each other.

Alessandria gave Nicolai a smirk which caused his blood to boil. Alessandria swiftly and elegantly made her way to the first table and sat down to play.   Nikolai resumed playing his game. Jamie too went back to playing cards but was so restless, backing out of a few games. Nikolai, on the other hand, had won every game he played. He had gained more than triple the amount of money he had started with. Looking in the direction of Alessandria, who appeared to be struggling through all her games, Nikolai gave her a sinister smile and began to chuckle.

‘Today’s my day. I’m definitely going to show this bitch who’s boss.’

After a few hours, Nikolai came to the table he practically breathed.  It also happened to be the most popular game in the Tavern. 


As Nicolai sat down on the far right of the table, he noticed the noticed that among the other six players at his table, Jamie, who was sitting next to him, and Alessandria, who was sitting on the last seat to the far left, were also a part of the same game.  Nikolai glared intensely at Alessandria, knowing that this would be it.  Jamie, having seen Nico’s hostility to Alessandria, tried to catch Nikolai’s attention.  Jamie’s attempts seemed futile, until finally they were able to exchange glances as Jamie raised an eyebrow, clearly questioning his thoughts.

‘This game isn’t about you and her, you know that right?’

He shrugged. ‘Yeah, yeah’

‘It’s between you and the dealer.’


Jamie frowned, noticing his casual way of brushing off things. ‘Nico, are you even listening to me?’  Nico waved his hand. ‘Sure, sure.’  Exasperated, Jamie pinched him in the arm. ‘Nico, listen to me!’

‘… I’m gonna empty that bitch of all her money.’


Jamie had gotten fed up, not caring if people at the table were startled with the yell.  Jamie needed to let Nikolai know that if he concentrates on her again, he’s definitely going to lose a lot of his money, like all the other time he and Alessandria faced each other.

   Whenever Nikolai and Alessandria played any card game together, it always became a fierce competition. But more than anyone can count, Alessandria would always win, but not just against him, Alessandria had gained a reputation for winning all of her games and almost always clearing out her opponents on the table, making go bankrupt and earning her the nickname “Silver”.


   Jamie turned to see Alessandria and saw that something was off.  She had almost lost all the games she played in so far this night; she isn’t giving off any of the usual hostility towards Nikolai, almost as if she had lost all the will to live.  But this didn’t feel like a harmless vibe to Jamie, in fact, it was the complete opposite.  Jamie’s instincts were going off telling Jamie “get out of there”, “something’s wrong” and almost felt terrified of what may come.

“Nico… please listen.”


“Nikolai, damn it!”

The dealer looked at them. “Excuse me, I must ask you to please remain calm and sit down and play maturely.  Otherwise, I will have to ask you to leave.” Jamie hushed. “Sorry, it won’t happen again.” Nikolai chuckled. “Thank you. Now, shall we begin?”

Jamie sat back down; a little more relaxed after being able to release some anger o the table.  What Nikolai was feeling was not good luck or excitement, but is mistaking it in place of fear.

     Everyone placed their entry fee, in which they choose how much to put in, of a few hundred dollars in front of themselves and the dealer handed out all the cards accordingly.  Nikolai went first, and he had gotten himself an 8 and a 5.  He glanced quickly and saw that the dealer has one card face down and the other was a queen.  He immediately scratched towards himself.  The dealer placed down a 6 in front of Nikolai. He had a total of 19 so he placed his cards under his bet to signal that he was done and he smiled largely knowing he made the right choice in betting that few hundred dollars.  The dealer continued on.  Everyone had busted by the time it was Alessandria’s turn.  When she went, Nikolai could not tell what she was thinking. This excited him.

   Calmly, she scratched the table. A king was placed.  She immediately tried to put her cards under her bets, but was having some difficulty in doing so.  She kept knocking over her bet, dropping her cards, and fidgeting with her fingers quite a lot.  Nikolai took this as part of the good luck feeling he had.

‘Haha, stupid fucking idiot! You’re gonna get what’s’ coming to you!’

The dealer turned over his face down card and it was a 7, which added to 17. Some people got lower then the dealer and lost except for Nikolai and Alessandria.

   A few rounds went by and Nikolai had been winning 90% of the time.  He had been almost slamming cards down because he could not hold in his happiness and excitement of winning all those rounds. But besides that, he could also not hold in how joyful he felt whenever he was getting better scores than Alessandria.  He had not noticed that Alessandria had slowly stopped fidgeting and began to play more elegantly, but with a slight twist.  She was still not showing any kind of confidence or boastfulness.

‘A king and a 5… the odds are in my favour with the deck being… 90% of it from the number Ace to 5… holy shit I can crush her fucking confidence completely here!’

Nikolai doubled down, meaning he is wagered twice the amount of money he placed, for the next card and sticking with it, grinning cockily.  He scratched.

Six.  Bust…

‘What…? WHAT THE FUCK?!’

Nikolai was just about to break out into a violent rage, but he felt someone grip his arm.  Jamie, who knew what was about to unfold, stopped him.  Jamie began to whisper to him trying to calm down the beast inside this glass box.

“Nico, remember you’re still ok.  You can win that back easily, just try to-”

“-keep my cool. Yeah, I getcha.  Don’t worry I will.” ‘Shit!’

Nikolai tried to contain his anger down, but it was useless.  When he looked up, all he saw was Alessandria winning that round and getting all the money he had lost at that moment.  But what definitely got him was the way she looked at him with her eyes.  Those once emotionless eyes turned fierce.  Those cat-like eyes were focused on its prey, and the prey was Nikolai.  He began to get nervous and before he realized it, he was stuttering and squirming in his seat.

A few games went by until it was only down to him and Alessandria.  She proposed a wager, in which he would bet everything he has and win or lose he has an opportunity of winning half her money if she didn’t win this last round.  Nikolai swiftly agreed.

He had a 10 and a 9, a good combination, so he set his cards under his bet. Alessandria wanted to show her cards after the dealer showed his.  The dealer came out with 20, Nikolai almost went crazy but cooled down when he remembered that Alessandria had no chance of winning. Until he looked at her cards she had an Ace and a Queen. A perfect 21.  Nikolai burst into a violent rage and it took six security guards to finally get a hold of him and throw him out.  Jamie came out with him trying to calm him down.

“Nico, calm d-”



“….in a couple of hours… Moonshine will be open… and I’ll find that bitch there…”

“I’m coming with you ok! If you don’t let me come, I’m not letting you go too!”

“..Fine but don’t get in my way.”

“Only if you don’t get violent.”

Nikolai slammed through the Tavern, taking shots to blow off some steam, while Jamie stared helplessly. 

It was going to be a long night.

The Heart

Riley giggled as the sun bounced off all the mirrors she placed around her room.  The beams danced from surface to surface, until it hit the crystal teardrops that were hung on her ceiling and created a dazzling firework of rainbows on the pale peach wallpaper.  Lunch had already been prepared by their cook, and she was absolutely starving for some of it. But Riley was still waiting for Jamie to get home so she could demonstrate her contraption before they enjoyed lunch together. 

At the sound of footsteps and a door opening below, Riley was out of her spot and racing down the stairs, her strawberry blonde curls bouncing as sunlight glinted off the ringlets. Bounding to tackle Jamie into a tight hug, she let her older sibling breathe before dragging them upstairs to show off her latest discovery.  At the sight of the dancing rainbows, Jamie laughed and patted Riley’s hair.  “Well, at least I know you’ll never be bored without me.  You always seem to find something new to figure out” Jamie said affectionately before turning around towards the door.  Unwillingly, Riley turned with them, knowing who stood there before she even saw him.  The distaste must’ve been obvious on her face as Nikolai had walked up to Riley and kneeled down, seemingly to hug her until he flicked her nose.  Startled, Riley jumped back before rubbing her nose and sticking her tongue out at him in retort. 

The two shared a very interesting relationship.

“Nico…” Jamie frowned, looking from Riley back to him.  Riley knew Jamie didn’t like how Nikolai treated her sometimes, but was lost on how to stop him from teasing Riley.  “What? The brat looked like the devil had walked in with how she was staring at me! You know I don’t like how people always fu-”


“What? It’s true!” He raised his arms in exasperation.

Riley, knowing that Jamie highly disliked whenever Nikolai would swear in front of her, took advantage of the situation. “I’m okay, Jamie.  Don’t worry.  He’s not as tough and strong as he thinks.” Riley smiled, having the pleasure of seeing a grown man irritated by the taunting of a thirteen year old girl.  Oddly enough, Nikolai regained his composure rather quickly.  Clearing his throat, he mumbled a quick apology to Riley which she merely nodded in acknowledgement.  With that, he raised his head and gave a crooked smile towards the duo. “Come on now, Jamie.  We got some scores to settle.” He was taking Jamie away from Riley again.  Frowning now, Riley tugged at Jamie’s arm and pleaded. “Awww Jamie, c’mon.  You promised to stay and spend some time with me!  You can’t just go running off now.” She pouted, knowing that it would make Jamie feel guilty about leaving Riley alone so often.  It worked.  Jamie looked to Nikolai before sighing heavily. “Alright, we can stay for lunch.  But I leave in three hours, right when it’s your bedtime.  Got it?” Riley squealed in delight before dragging Jamie down to eat on the now-cold lunch.

Time vanished too quickly.

Riley was tucked under her quilted blankets by Jamie at precisely eight o’clock.  It would’ve been perfect, if Nikolai had not been annoyingly scratching at the door to get Jamie out of the house.  Nonetheless, Riley savored the moment and pulled Jamie down for a hug good night.  “One more bedtime story?” she pleaded, but Jamie just shook their head. 

“You know I have to go.  Here, cuddle with PB until I get back.”

“But you’re never back before I’m awake.”


Jamie slowly got up off Riley’s bed with a soft creak, and moved towards the door where Nikolai was waiting.  Guilt washed over Jamie, but it was necessary.  Or what Jamie repeated constantly in thought.  Sighing, they closed the door behind them. 

     There was no more time for child play.  Now the adults get to have fun.

The End?

Please be a dream.’

Words flew around Riley’s thoughts as her tears escaped her clenched eyes. She had just learnt what little ones shouldn’t know. The sickly pale blue colour of his skin, the metallic sting of his flowing blood as it was washed away in the evening storm, the way his limbs were disarrayed like a rag doll, they had captured Riley’s mind. How will she forget this?  Can she forget this?  Her thoughts were muddled as she tried to find…

“Jamie!” Riley screamed

Every possible blood vessel was dilated in her skin, making Riley a stark contrast to the now-pale corpse. Jamie ran over, with Riley’s face now in Jamie’s chest, and Riley’s emotions soaked through Jamie’s shirt. Jamie peered in Riley’s tear-streaked, and now corrupted, eyes.

“Riley, get back in the car!”

“But-” Riley pleaded.

“Just listen to me! Get back in the fucking car!”

Riley’s fear was illuminating as she followed Jamie’s desperate orders.

“Holy shit, Jamie! How the fuck are we gonna get out of this!? There is a dead body right front of us!” Nikolai bawled hysterically.

Jamie’s trapped tears finally escaped, and the voice that came out was slow and hoarse with emotion.

“I don’t know, Nico. We just have to stay calm.”

“Are you joking?! Jamie, you just ran over a kid. How the fuck Do you except me to be calm? You just ended a life for fuck sake!”

 Alessandria carelessly sprinted over to lifeless boy; black tears slowly start to trickle down her porcelain face.

“Is he dead?” Alessandria questioned slowly, unwilling to accept the fact.

“He’s obviously dead. Dumb bitch.” Nikolai snapped.

Alessandria’s eyes pierced Nikolai, and he turned his gaze down.

“Jamie… what are we gonna do?”

Nikolai scoffed, voice hard but still trembling. “Ha! Jamie was the one who was driving the car who hit the kid. We’re not a part of this.  We don’t have to do shit!”

“Stop trying to get out of this, Nikolai! You were in the car with Jamie, and I clearly saw what happened, so that makes us just as liable for this!” Alessandra retorted, fear and anger boiling over.

“Fine! You know what I’m going to do? Run”.

That brought Jamie back to reality. “Nico, Nico!” Jamie cried out in anguish, just as Nikolai disappeared into the darkness. Alessandra glowered at the spot before sighing and turning back to Jamie.  “He’s a fucking pathetic coward, but he’s right.   Jamie, just leave. Your car has no scratches, and you guys didn’t touch the body, right? There’s absolutely no evidence of us being here. Go and take your sister home” she paused. “And Jamie, I won’t say anything if you don’t.”

“…Thank you.”

“Just go.” Alessandria ordered.  Jamie complied and was soon gone.

Alessandria stood over the boy in absolute solitude, soaked. She locked her eyes into his, asking forgiveness for tonight. She then made her way through the park towards her car. A hesitant sigh left her breath before she drove away from the nightmare that was now stuck in her reality.